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     30+ Relationship Experts

     Each Teaching A Marriage Manual Workshop

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Is Your Marriage Ready for a Forever Kind of Love?

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Introducing: The Marriage Manual Bundle

30+ Relationship Experts

Each Teaching A Marriage Manual Workshop


Curated insights from over 30+ world-renowned relationship experts packed into an unprecedented bundle. Each workshop within this bundle has been crafted to help you and your partner foster a deeper, more intimate connection.

Marriage has its ups and downs, but this manual is your roadmap through it all.

Be prepared for every season of marriage – no surprises.

Have a ready "troubleshooting guide" – like the one you have for your car, but this one's for your marriage!

 What’s Inside the Bundle?

🔥 30+ Expert Workshops: Unfiltered access to strategies, stories, and exercises designed to enhance each pillar of intimacy in your marriage.
🔥 Customizable Modules: Tailor your journey with workshops that resonate with your unique relationship needs.
🔥 Actionable Tips & Techniques: No fluff - just practical, actionable guidance to turn advice into real-life romance and understanding.
🔥 Lifetime Access: Revisit the wisdom anytime, because true love isn't a one-day event.
🔥 Bonus Content: Exclusive interviews, Q&As, and resources only available within this bundle.

The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® Framework

Learn the 6 Pillars of Intimacy® and how to strengthen each pillar using the tools, systems and frameworks inside this marriage manual bundle.

Creating Bumpers to
Protect the Connection and Intimacy in Your Marriage

Learn how to put bumpers around your marriage to protect your relationship from falling into resentment and roommate
syndrome and keep all 6 pillars
of intimacy strong.

How to Achieve
More Vulnerability

Learn how to share more of your
vulnerable emotions for a more honest
and transparent relationship that
fosters more emotional intimacy.

Processing Your Emotions
in Conflict

Learn the benefits of processing your emotions before having a conversation with your spouse and the CALM method for processing your big emotions.

Creating a Family Vision

Learn how to brainstorm
your family values and craft your
family vision statement.

The 4-Minute Tool for Processing Difficult Emotions

Learn the eight core emotions and how to use the emotion wheel to discuss difficult topics in just 4 minutes per day.

Rebuilding Emotional Intimacy in Addiction Recovery

Learn how to restore your relationship
after a season of addiction and recovery.

4 Pillars of a Connected Conversation

Learn the 4 pillars of a connected conversation and how to use it to discuss concerns in a healthy and connected way.

Becoming Servant
Leaders in Your Home

Learn how to give 100% in your marriage and the qualities of a servant leader.

The Intimacy Growth Hack

Learn about experiential intimacy
and how to create more experiences
you love with your spouse.

6 FT Closer

Learn the crucial emotional and physical needs in a marriage and how to meet them in order to make your days with each other better from the World's Most Satisfied Wife.

Investing in an
Annual Honeymoon

Learn a step-by-step process for creating and investing in an annual honeymoon for maximum connection and intimacy.

5 Key Pillars of
Financial Intimacy

Learn how to identify your partner’s
money language and how you can use it
to communicate better about your
financial goals.

5 Simple Practices to Enhance Financial and Sexual Intimacy

Learn about practices like STP,
envisioning, 4-3-2-1 and check-ins
and how they can enhance all areas of intimacy in your marriage.

Marriedpreneur Operating Systems

Learn about how to implement legacy meetings to ensure your financial goals line up with the legacy you are building.

6 Simple Practices for Increasing Spiritual Intimacy

Learn how to set spiritual goals
individually, as a couple and as a family
and how to work together to
reach those goals.

Coming Out of a Dark Season Using God Tools

Learn the God tools of forgiveness, grace, compassion and wisdom and how to use more of them in your relationship with
your spouse.

How to Have Spiritual
Intimacy When You Don’t
See Eye to Eye Spiritually

Learn how to create shared rituals that reflect your dreams, goals and vision and how to have a shared purpose, even when you disagree about everything.

How to Shift the Spiritual Atmosphere in Your Home

Learn the benefits of
soaking, gratitude, and
how to eliminate the 4 C’s.

4 Steps to Turn Your Arguments into
Winning Conversations

Learn how to identify your goal, listen more, gain clarity, and keep your cool
when discussing topics that often turn
into arguments.

How to Unlock
Intellectual, Emotional
and Spiritual Intimacy

Learn how to nurture intellectual, emotional and spiritual intimacy through empathy and forgiveness.

Ways to Create
More Opportunities for Physical Intimacy

Learn how to ask questions in your marriage that will foster and create more opportunities to be physically intimate
with each other.

How to DO
Date Night Right

Learn some simple things you can
do to make date night more like before
you were married and the passion
and excitement were at an
all time high.

Creating Your Magic List

Learn how to turn the things you enjoy doing most individually and together
into magic opportunities
to build connection and intimacy.

Using Role Play to
Keep Monogamy Hot

Learn the benefits of adding role
play into your sexual repertoire and
how to use it to keep monogamy
hot and playful.


Learn how to integrate the triad of choosing, counsel and labor in a way
that blesses your emotional, physical
and sexual intimacy.

Creating a Meaningful
Sexual Friendship

Learn how to embrace your desire
for sexual intimacy and use it to create a special relationship shared by just the
two of you.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact

Learn how to improve love-making
by implementing a simple sexual
soulmate pact.

The ABCDE Framework to Enjoy Your Sexual Connection

Learn how to bring balanced
belonging and courageous action
into your lovemaking.

Becoming One of
the Blessed Few

Learn the difference between the sexually baren, the sexually functional and the blessed few and how to make love in a more intentional way.

The Marriage Manual Bundle Will Help You:

❤️ Reignite Passion: Discover the secrets to maintaining an everlasting spark.
❤️ Deepen Connection: Learn how to communicate in the love language of your spouse.
❤️ Navigate Challenges: Equip yourselves with tools to overcome any hurdle together.
❤️ Build Intimacy: From emotional to physical – create a bond that defies odds.
❤️ Enjoy Togetherness: Find joy in every moment spent with each other, turning mundane into memorable.


Hear It from the Hearts We’ve Touched 💬

Testimonials from couples who’ve experienced transformation through the workshops.


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Q: What is the Marriage Manual Bundle?
A: The Marriage Manual Bundle is your ultimate roadmap to a thriving relationship. Imagine having not one, but over 30 top relationship experts guiding you through the nuances of intimacy tailored to your unique partnership. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; it's a comprehensive collection of wisdom that you can customize to fit your marriage's specific needs. Within this bundle, you'll find a compilation of workshops, each one designed to explore and strengthen a different aspect of intimacy. Whether it's fanning the flames of passion, deepening your emotional connection, aligning on financial goals, or finding shared joy in everyday adventures, these workshops cover it all. Think of it as a toolbox where every tool has been handpicked to help you build a solid, joy-filled, and passionate marriage. But it's more than just workshops. The Marriage Manual Bundle includes interactive exercises, real-life stories, and actionable steps that you can implement immediately. You're not just learning; you're transforming your relationship with every page you turn. It's a living, breathing manual that grows with you. As your relationship evolves, you'll find new layers of depth within the bundle's content, ensuring that no matter where you are in your journey of love, you'll have the resources at hand to support and enrich your bond. So, whether you're basking in the honeymoon phase or navigating the complexities of a long-term commitment, the Marriage Manual Bundle is your companion for a lifetime of love.
Q: How do I access the bundle?
A: After you purchase the Marriage Manual Bundle you will receive an email containing a link to the web portal with instructions on how to access everything you've purchased. Please note: All products included in the Marriage Manual Bundle are ELECTRONIC! You won't receive any physical products in the mail.
Q: Do I get access to everything at once?
A: YES! All 30+ of the Marriage Manual Workshops plus the accompanying interviews as well as the bonuses are available to you as soon as you hit the purchase button. We want you to be able to navigate the content at your own pace and in the order you need it most. While some of you will complete your manual faster, we designed it to take anywhere from 9 months to a year to get through all of the content included.
Q: Why are you offering such an awesome discount?
A: Everyone participating in the Marriage Manual Bundle wants to see others succeed in their relationships. We know how challenging life can be when you're faced with what seem to be insurmountable trials. We thought this collaboration would be a great way to work together to help as many people as we could to enjoy healthier, happier relationships.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Due to the nature of the Marriage Manual Bundle – the number of people involved, and the incredible discount given, we cannot offer any refunds. We can confidently say that if you implement what you learn from one workshop/product you will get more than your money's worth. We hope you take us up on this offer... but please make sure you're confident in your purchase before buying.

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