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A monthly coaching membership for couples who are ready to bring the fun, passion, and adventure back into their marriage with proven techniques anyone can use!

Friends, you’ve been lied to. Not only is Happily Ever After real, it’s also totally attainable.

What’s more, you don’t need a fairy godmother to make it happen - just a toolkit of proven techniques and a commitment to taking action.

Ready to dive in?

If that sounds too good to be true, it’s because you’ve been trained to believe the lies.

You know the ones:

  • ‘Happily ever after can only exist in fairy tales,’
  • ‘When it’s right, it’s easy.’
  • Or even ‘the secret to a happy marriage is just finding the right person.’

That’s a lot of pressure, and it’s not even based in reality!

In the Passionate Marriage Club, I’m bringing years of relationship secrets out from behind closed doors and into the mainstream to help you set a foundation for relational success. One that’s based in reality with who you are right now, not who you could be.

Ready To Unlock The Secrets?


When I first got married, I came into it with a fair dose of skepticism mixed with naivete. I grew up as a child of divorce raised on Disney fairy tale endings. Even though most marriages I observed were unhappy or ended in divorce, I had hope that maybe mine would be different.

After a few years, I found myself struggling to prioritize my marriage along with our small children, grad school, and a growing business. I was at my wit's end. Scared to be vulnerable, and questioning whether I was even capable of having the marriage I wanted.


Maybe you’re where I was:

  • Feeling super disconnected from my spouse
  • ​Wondering if maybe I married the wrong person
  • ​Mentally and emotionally drained, scared of admitting I didn’t know what I was doing
  • ​Feeling crushed under the pressure of everyone else’s definition of what a good wife, mother, and community member should look like
  • Ashamed to admit I wasn’t perfect
  • ​Worried that maybe my marriage was doomed
  • ​ Not knowing how to communicate, frustrated that my partner didn’t just ‘know’ what I needed
  • ​Agonizing over the challenges in my relationship, worried about what it meant for us as a couple and individually to struggle with things I assumed should be non-issues
  • ​Telling myself “Maybe happily-ever-after doesn’t exist,” or “I’ll never have the relationship I want.”

The truth is relationship is a learned skill, one that most people were never taught.


The more you practice, the easier it becomes, until it’s finally second nature.

No matter what you’ve been through, you get to write your own story! One that doesn’t involve masking the problems you face, faking the joy, or trying to meet anyone else’s expectations but your own.

Are you ready to take the next step and experience a real happily ever after?

The Passionate Marriage Club is your insider’s guide to bypass years of frustration and roommate syndrome so you can live the marriage of your dreams!


  • Forge an unbreakable bond that defies all the odds, using tried-and-true techniques to deepen your relationship
  • See your spouse with fresh eyes, and a heart that’s suddenly bursting with love
  • ​Begin to show up with confidence, knowing you are not a failure
  • Face challenges with ease, drawing strength from each other
  • ​Get your marriage back on track, instead of putting it on the back burner where the passion slowly dies
  • ​Have a crystal clear focus on who you are and who you married, giving you a reality-based starting point to make the changes you need to move forward
  • ​Be excited, motivated, and full of hope, instead of drowning in loneliness without any direction or purpose
  • Reclaim your time and date the one you love, building a relationship that fills you
  • Rewrite your family’s future by showing your children what’s possible, even in today’s world

I’ll give you proven tools, insights, and the support you need to see your relationship with new eyes, plus the best ways to relate to your spouse to get both of your needs met.

Consider me your guide to lead you on the pathway forward!

Hey there!

I'm Monica Tanner, Relationship and Connection Expert. I’m married to my best friend, and I’m also a boss mom to 4 growing humans, and weekly podcaster at Secrets of Happily Ever After.

I help married couples ditch resentment and roommate syndrome to create an intimate friendship so they can start writing their own Happily Ever After Love Story.

That’s who I am now, but it’s not where I started.

When I was just 12, my parents divorced, leaving my world completely shattered. I clung to the hope that marriages could be happy and healthy, but in the relationships I saw up close, the opposite was true. As a result, I became obsessed with finding out exactly what makes a marriage strong and lasting.

After struggling for years in my own marriage, I knew I had to find the answer or risk the same fate as my parents. I refused to let that be my story. So, I earned a degree in Sociology, added in 22+ years of research and personal experience, and learned from interviewing thousands of couples. Now I know exactly what works - and what doesn’t.

My biggest lesson? We can’t grow ourselves by ourselves. I needed someone outside of my situation to help me see what I couldn’t and gently encourage me to take the next step. I needed to know I wasn’t alone in what I was experiencing. I needed community.

It’s become my goal to lower the divorce rate and raise the level of marital satisfaction by encouraging my students and clients to prioritize their most important relationship: their marriage.

I’ll guide you as you strengthen communication, connection, commitment and intimacy in your marriage.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

When You Join


  • LIVE Training focused on a Crucial Relationship Skillset each month ($1,200 value)
  • ​Monthly Downloadable Resource for Implementing Each Skillset ($600 value)
  • ​Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions with Me ($3,000)
  • Weekly Date Night Missions to fit your budget ($1,200 value)
  • ​Separate Logins so BOTH You and Your Spouse can join in the FUN ($297 value)


My goal is to give you as much support as possible with access to tons of incredible resources so you can easily apply what you’re learning. By taking action, you’ll set a solid foundation that puts you and your spouse back on track to your own Happily Ever After!


My goal is to give you as much support as possible with access to tons of incredible resources so you can easily apply what you’re learning. By taking action, you’ll set a solid foundation that puts you and your spouse back on track to your own Happily Ever After!

  • ​As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.
  • ​PLUS an invite to our private Facebook Group.
  • ​Work at your own pace with quick video lessons, worksheets, and challenges.
  • ​Join me LIVE every month to get details on that month’s Critical Relationship Skill, with open Q&A every third week.
  • ​Get EVEN MORE encouragement and solidarity by interacting with other individuals and couples in the group.
  • ​Enjoy weekly date nights to practice what you learn and put the JOY back in your marriage!

STEP #1:

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.

STEP #1:

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.

STEP #1:

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.

STEP #1:

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.

STEP #1:

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.

STEP #1:

As soon as you join the club, you’ll receive a welcome email giving you access to the course materials.

Feeling like you might need just a little more help?
You’re in luck!

I’m 100% dedicated to helping you enjoy your marriage. When you join the Passionate Marriage Club, you’ll automatically get access to these incredible bonuses, each uniquely designed to give you the exact boost you need (and more!).


Early-bird access to in-demand workshops and marriage retreats, led by top relationship experts


Our full library of recorded live trainings, challenges and recorded Q&A sessions


A dedicated Facebook group for added accountability and support

The fact is, there has never been a better time than now to join the Passionate Marriage Club! Here’s why:

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to sustain a healthy, happy marriage without the right relationship skills. Between demanding schedules, stressful work environments, and endless distractions, it’s all too easy to let our relationships slip to the lowest priority.

50% of marriages in the US end in divorce.

Studies show the most fulfilling marriages are between those with close friendships with their spouse.

Happy marriages are linked to significantly better long-term mental and physical health.

Your health is priceless! I’ll show you how you can give yourself a natural boost by drawing from your most important relationship.

Founding members save big! Claim your spot before the rate goes up!

There are a limited number of spots available at our special founder’s rate. This price will never be this low again - once it’s gone, it’s gone!

There are plenty of things you don’t have control over, but your marriage isn’t one of them.

By protecting it, you’ll have a healthy anchor during life’s storms, keeping you from going under.

The best part is, you can be successful without a huge time commitment - as in, less than 30 minutes a week! You have a busy life, which is why I’ve made it super easy to get the results you want without investing large chunks of your time.

I’ll show you how.

Here are a few breakthroughs my clients have had…


"Monica is such a joy to work with. She really understands the common struggles that couples go through with intimacy and connection. Her program is designed to help with all areas of marriages, not just physical. Getting Monica's help and advice is life-changing!"
-Susan L.


"Working with her one-on-one has giving me perspective on my marriage that I didn't realize. I love the extra attention and care she gave me to help my already decent marriage be even better! As a business owner myself, my husband and I struggle with helping each other pursue our dreams, and since Monica and her husband both own businesses, her unique experience and passion for marriages thriving really helped us through a challenging time."
- Tracey M.


"The content was increasingly intentional to allow us to take small steps toward one another and talk about and then act on things that filled both of our tanks. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically."
-Matt S.


I’ll condense years of hard lessons learned through painful, costly, trial and error into bite-sized lessons you can actually take action with. You’ll get the clarity, focus, and tactics I wish someone had given me when I first got married!

You don’t have to struggle the way I did, wondering if this whole marriage thing is really all it’s cracked up to be… knowing it could be better, but stuck without the tools to make it happen.

I paid for my lessons with endless guilt, sleepless nights, anxiety and stress. I was too scared to open up and admit I needed help, and it almost cost me everything.


For just $27/month, you can skip to the good part, saving yourself years of frustration, missteps, and disappointment. That’s less than a date night and cheaper than therapy!

Are you ready to set your relationship up for success?

This sounds great, Monica, but our marriage is fine. Sure, it could be better, but it’s not like we’re on the brink of divorce.

Why settle for fine, when you can have fantastic?!

Divorce doesn’t happen overnight. The breakdown of a marriage happens slowly, over time. Maybe it’s ‘not that bad’ - but ask yourself: is it that great? It can be!

We’re busy doing life and raising kids…there’s just no time to add one more thing to our plates. In less than 30 minutes a week you can infuse the joy and life back into your marriage. That’s less time than it takes to binge a show on Netflix or scroll through social media!

We’ve already invested a lot in courses and even counseling that have done nothing to help us change. How will this be any different? I’ve put the same strategies to work in both my and my client’s marriages, and seen them work time and again for people of all different backgrounds. You still have to do the work, but I’ll give you all the support and tactics you need to achieve your goals.

I’d love to do this, but my spouse has zero interest. Will this work if only one of us joins?

Absolutely! Marriage takes two, but change only takes one. Even if only one of you is changing, the other will naturally respond to the change in dynamic.


  • You’re open to doing the work to build the relationship of your dreams.
  • You're committed to elevating your partnership, working as a dream team to achieve your goals together and create an unbreakable bond.
  • ​You crave excitement and adventure to rekindle the spark and keep the flames of love burning strong.
  • ​You desire a deeper connection with your spouse, transforming your relationship into an intimate friendship and passionate partnership.

Total Value: $6,297

Your Price:
$27 per month

or $297 per year (1 month free!)


To experience a real-life happily ever after, you must be an action-taker. Each month in the membership is jam-packed with amazing content, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t put it into practice. Knowledge is cute, but action is drop-dead sexy.

It’s not for those who look for external sources to blame instead of taking a deep look inside. Sometimes it’s our own behaviors that perpetuate the cycle of frustration.

It’s also not for those who are unwilling to see themselves through their spouse’s eyes.

Marriage takes two, but change starts with you. You have to be honest with yourself before there’s a chance for transformation. Only then will you be able to change the patterns in your relationship.

If you’re ready to do the work, the Passionate Marriage Club is waiting for you.

Now imagine what your life could look like if you do take action and commit to your success.

How would it feel to have a relationship that makes life sweeter? To know that you can face any challenge that comes your way, defying all odds? What kind of legacy could you leave?

While I can’t guarantee you won’t face challenges, I promise to give you everything you need to overcome them with your spouse as your partner. If at any point you find yourself facing serious issues that require the help of a licensed professional, I can refer you to a qualified expert from my vast network of providers.

No more excuses.
Happily Ever After starts now.

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